Saturday, June 23rd through Saturday, June 30th, our congregation will serve one another as well as partner with local ministries and non-profits to seek the good of Fairfield & Bridgeport.  

Cost: For adults 16 and over, $10/Day or $50 for the whole week. Under 16 are free.

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Don't let cost be an issue, scholarships are available.  Click here to apply.

If you would like to participate, email Allison Matlack for more details!

Here's where we'll be:


Saturday 6/23

Morning/Afternoon: Day of Service to one another.  Click here to submit a mercy project!

Evening: Fellowship


Sunday 6/24

Morning: Worship

Evening: Good Week Orientation & Dinner


Monday 6/25

Morning: Local Service Project with GroundworkBridgeport

Afternoon: Local Service Project

Evening: Dinner at Penfield Beach


Tuesday 6/26

Morning: Local Service Project 

Afternoon: Local Service Project

Evening: Fellowship Activity


Wedsday 6/27

Excursion Day at Hammonasset Beach Park!


Thursday 6/28

Morning: Local Service Project

Afternoon: Local Service Project

Evening: Local Service Project


Friday 6/29

Christ's Kids Club!


Saturday 6/30

Christ's Kids Club!