Weekly Prayer October 8, 2018


All knowing God who declares things from of old, before they even come to pass you announce them, for your name’s sake you deferred your anger, for your praise you did not cut us off. Instead, you refine us in the furnace of affliction. For your own sake, you do it, your glory you will not give to another. You say, "I am he, I am the first and I am the last." You laid the foundation of the earth, your right hand spread out the heavens when you call them they stand forth together. And you so you call us to draw near, to stand before you, to listen. You are the Lord our God, you teach us what is good. You lead us in the way we should go. You promise if we would but keep your commands and walk in faithfulness to you then our peace would flow like a river and righteousness like waves of the sea. We are here now for you, YHWH, the great I am. Come amongst us, give us hearts to listen, obey and worship.