Weekly Prayer October 15, 2018


Holy One of Israel, you sit enthroned over the chaos of this world, seated as King over all the earth. You said to Israel just as you say to us that you bore the nation on eagles wings; you brought Israel to yourself, rescuing her from her enslavement. Though all the world was yours, You made her your own treasured possession. All that you asked of her was to obey your voice and keep your covenant. In so doing, Israel was a kingdom of priests and a holy nation. And now we are here as the fulfillment of Israel. We are hear to listen to your voice, to heed your commands, to be your holy people. So we say with Israel- “All that the Lord has spoken we will do.” Help us to do so even now as we pray and sing. Bring us to yourself again, for it is in your presence and by your power alone that we can find the grace to be the people you have made us to be.