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Weekly Prayer February 26, 2018

living waters

Lord, God, Redeemer, Holy One of Israel you promise that when the poor and needy come seeking for water, when their tongue is parched with thirst you will answer, you will not forsake them. You promise to open the mountain rivers, the fountains in the valleys, to make pools of water in the wild places and springs of water in the dessert. That is why we are here. We want to...

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Weekly Prayer February 19, 2018

adopted children

All glorious God, we give You thanks: in Your Son, Jesus Christ, You have given us every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms. You chose us, before the world was made, to be Your holy people, without fault in Your sight. You adopted us as your children in Christ. You have set us free by his blood; You have forgiven our sins. You have made known to us your s...

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Weekly Prayer February 12, 2018

You turn the darkness into light-1

Lord, your word tells us that you go forth like a mighty man, zealous for battle against your foes. You kept silent, you tell us but now you cry aloud. You lay waste to the mountains and dry up the waters- all so that your people may see you and cease to worship other things. You promise to lead the blind, to guide them in ways they do not know. You turn the darkness into ...

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Weekly Prayer February 5, 2018

draw us

You gave your all to the world in the bleakness of that stable. Love was born that day, essential love, poured out for all who are called by Your name. Such grace undeserved deserves a response. Forgive our ingratitude for all You have done, draw us to Your Word, give us a new song to sing, that will resonate throughout this world. We wait for you. ...

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Weekly Prayer January 29, 2018

fear not

Lord, Jehovah, God Almighty, like a mighty warrior you come forth and you tell us, "fear not for I am with you." You promise to strengthen and help us, to uphold us by your righteous right hand. We know from your scriptures that Jesus is at your right hand and so, he is who we look for this morning. You say, I am He who blots out your transgressions, for your own sake you ...

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Weekly Prayer January 22, 2018


All merciful God, were we able to recount all the ways you provide for your creation and carry your people, we would never come to an end in the telling. In creation you have made us, in redemption you have saved us, in glory you will transform us. We are your handiwork here to give you praise. Come this morning, condescend to speak and draw near, make us aware of all that...

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Weekly Prayer January 15, 2018


O God, your constant love reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness extends to the skies. Your righteousness towers like the mountains, your justice is deeper than the sea. All find protection under the shadow of your wings. We feast on the abundance you provide. With you is the fountain of all life,and in your light, we see light....

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Weekly Prayer January 8, 2018


You are the Sovereign One, O God, and rightly to be blessed. Your name shall ever be upon our lips. You have heard the poor and saved them from trouble. You have enlightened believers; their faces reflect your radiance. Aglow with the splendor of your promised redemption, we gather to worship you, ruler of nations. Amen....

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A long survey of Christ Pres' short history- 2015

Just learning about Christ Pres Fairfield? Well- this post is a great way for you to "catch up" on some of the miraculous work God has done over 2015 to bring this church into existence. If you want to get a good survey of the story- click the link and read below....

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A long survey of Christ Pres short history- 2016

These posts will help you get up to speed with some of the incredible ways God has moved over the last 18 months to bring this church into existence. Happy readying....

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