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Weekly Prayer April 16, 2018

we want to walk

Holy, Infinite, Almighty God, you are both joy giver and judgement maker, you lift up and you cast down. We come to you now from the parched lands of our lives. Our hands are weak in our service, our knees are wobbly under our burdens, our hearts are anxious from unbelief. We are here to behold you, our Savior and our God. We want to walk the highway of holiness, the way o...

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Weekly Prayer April 9, 2018

fill this place

God you are in the heavens. You do whatever you please. And it pleased you to come to earth, to be born a man and to dwell with us. We ask you now to fill this place with your presence, to make our lives your abode. Remove from us all obstructions to your true worship. Cleanse us of all impurities, that we might see you as you are and show you forth to the world through ou...

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Weekly Prayer April 2, 2018

tip of the sword

Lord Jesus, you came to earth as the prince of peace. But you also say you didn't come to bring peace but to divide. And so here we are now before you in reverent awe. You offer us peace from the tip of the sword of you word. We must first be divided from our self and our sin if we are to be united and whole in you. Bring your peace. You came to guide all those living in t...

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Weekly Prayer March 26, 2018

quench the thirst

All Merciful God, All Mighty King- you lead your people from slavery to freedom, from bondage to every lasting promise. You delivered Israel from all their enemies. As you did to them, You promise us that when we pass through the waters you will be with us. You gave them water from a rock and bread from heaven. You set a table for them in the wilderness. And we see this mo...

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Weekly Prayer March 19, 2018

beside you

Our Father, you are in heaven, high and lifted up,higher than our highest thoughts. Holy is your name; beside you there is no other! You are God, and you alone! Receive us into your kingdomthe coming kingdomthe kingdom of your anointed Son, Jesus, whose name we bear. Receive us, for we come to you in his namewe pray in him and with him. For yours is the kingdom and the pow...

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Weekly Prayer March 12, 2018

a day is coming

Awesome God, seated on your throne you spoke over us, "Behold, I am making all things new." A day is coming when we your people will inhabit a new heaven and a new earth, for you are preparing us as a bride for yourself. You say to us this morning "Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. For you will dwell with us, and we will be your people, and You yourself will b...

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Weekly Prayer March 5, 2018

hearts and lives

Lord of hosts, King of glory, we are here to seek Your face. We want to see You as You are, know You in all Your power, might and glory. We come in the name of Jesus, the door to our salvation, and the way to life abundant. Come in to our hearts and lives and worship this day. We lift up our hearts to you now and praise you as the almighty God, the King of all the earth....

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Weekly Prayer February 26, 2018

living waters

Lord, God, Redeemer, Holy One of Israel you promise that when the poor and needy come seeking for water, when their tongue is parched with thirst you will answer, you will not forsake them. You promise to open the mountain rivers, the fountains in the valleys, to make pools of water in the wild places and springs of water in the dessert. That is why we are here. We want to...

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Weekly Prayer February 19, 2018

adopted children

All glorious God, we give You thanks: in Your Son, Jesus Christ, You have given us every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms. You chose us, before the world was made, to be Your holy people, without fault in Your sight. You adopted us as your children in Christ. You have set us free by his blood; You have forgiven our sins. You have made known to us your s...

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Weekly Prayer February 12, 2018

You turn the darkness into light-1

Lord, your word tells us that you go forth like a mighty man, zealous for battle against your foes. You kept silent, you tell us but now you cry aloud. You lay waste to the mountains and dry up the waters- all so that your people may see you and cease to worship other things. You promise to lead the blind, to guide them in ways they do not know. You turn the darkness into ...

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