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Weekly Prayer June 18, 2018


You are our Lord, we have no good apart from you. Your people, they are the excellent ones, here with them in your church is all our delight. Those who chase other gods will multiply their sorrows but you Lord are our chosen portion, our cup of joy for you hold all the circumstances of our life. So we say the lines have fallen for us in pleasant places, we have a beautiful...

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Weekly Prayer June 11, 2018


God you look down from heaven and you see all the children of man. You have fashioned the hearts of us all and you observe our deeds. Kings are not saved by great army's, a warrior is not delivered by his strength; weapons and technology are a false hope of protection. For behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear him, on those who hope in his steadfast love. You ar...

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Weekly Prayer June 4, 2018


God of justice and mercy, love and power our souls wait for you. More than the watchmen waiting for the dawning of the day, we watch for your coming. Our hope is in you and you alone, for with you there is steadfast love. An abundant redemption is yours, plentiful in its rescue and renewal of your people. For you Lord, promise that you will redeem your children from all th...

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Weekly Prayer May 28, 2018


Lion of Judah, your father Abraham proclaimed that all your brothers would bow to you, that all your enemies would be under your hand. You are like a lion crouched in power towering over the world in your might. He said the scepter would not leave your hand until all the people's come to you in obedience. Your reign would be like a choice vine and your garments would be wa...

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Weekly Prayer May 21, 2018


God of Jacob, our fortress, our very present help. You are the river whose streams make glad your church. You call us your holy habitation. You promise that as the morning dawns you will be our help and we will not be moved. In your majesty you make wars to cease, you break the weapons of men and burn their vehicles of destruction. You will be exalted in all the earth and ...

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Weekly Prayer May 14, 2018


Almighty, all merciful, all wise God you tell us that your thoughts are not our thoughts, your ways are not our ways, as the heavens are higher than the earth so are your thoughts and ways higher than ours. And yet you promise to send your witness and your word to us, to accomplish your purposes, to bear its fruit. They will lead us forth in joy and peace all that you migh...

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Lynn Holbrook shares her personal story of meeting Jesus. Recorded in 1987

Lynn Holbrook has been serving her church for as long as I can remember...and that's a long time since she is my mother. On this Mothers Day I wanted to share her story with you for your encouragement....

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Weekly Prayer May 7, 2018


Holy God, Maker of heaven and earth, long ago on a high mountain you appeared to Moses in a thick cloud. With thunder and lighting and trumpets and fire your voice rang out for all of Israel to hear. You promised to go with your people and you made known your very name, 'The LORD.' :I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will show mercy on whom I will show merc...

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Weekly Prayer April 30, 2018

Our souls pant

Our souls pant for you O God. We are thirsty. We cry within ourselves- when shall I come and appear before God? The world around us questions our belief, our challenges, our hope. They ask us, where is your God? But we remember, how we can come into your presence today with glad shouts and songs of praise, singing with the saints of the ages and we are reminded of our hope...

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Weekly Prayer April 23, 2018

Most righteous God

Most righteous God you command us to seek the Lord while he may be found, to call upon him while he is near. That is why we are here. We forsake now all wicked ways and all unrighteous thoughts. We return to you that you may have compassion upon us, for you will abundantly pardon. Your thoughts are not our thoughts, your ways are not our ways. And yet you promise to send y...

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