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Weekly Prayer September 17, 2018


Majestic God, your prophets told us to look, to behold, to open our eyes and see that you were coming. They told us to fear not, to be strong for you would come with vengeance upon your enemies and justice for your people. They promised that you would come and save. The scriptures tell us when you come the eyes of the blind will be opened, the ears of the deaf will hear, t...

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Weekly Prayer September 10, 2018

See the sights

God our Father, our King, Jesus our blessed brother, Savior and Lord. Your scriptures tell us of a day when there will be a new heaven and new earth. You tell us that a new holy city will come down out of heaven, prepared as bride adorned for her husband. And then a loud voice shall declare, "behold, the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them and they w...

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Weekly Prayer September 3, 2018

Dwell in your house

Almighty God, like the Psalmist there is one thing we ask of you, one thing we seek. We want to dwell in your house all the days of our life. We want to gaze upon your beauty and speak with you in your holy habitation. Holy, Triune, Infinite, All-wise God we are here for you. Come amongst us now, reveal yourself to us for the glory of your name and the joy of our hearts. A...

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Weekly Prayer August 27, 2018

Worthy are you

Lord God Almighty, we hear you this morning calling us, even as you called to John in the book of Revelations to come up into the heavenly places. There a throne stands and one with the appearance of jasper and carnelian, the color of fire itself, sits on it. An emerald rainbow surrounds him and peals of thunder and lightning comes from the throne. The ground shakes with y...

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Weekly Prayer August 20, 2018

keep us in your ways

Sovereign One, Omnipotent, All-knowing, today we come into your house, your church where you have promised to place your name for all time. It is not that you are not with us in our ordinary lives but that here uniquely your promise to manifest your full presence and speak with your people. At such a thought we are filled with awe and wonder and say with Jacob- this is the...

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Weekly Prayer August 13, 2018

open our eyes

Almighty God, you call us to Behold your servant, your chosen one in whom your soul delights. You put your Spirit upon him and he has brought forth justice among the nations. He does not make a scene. He does not manipulate. He will never break a bruised reed or quench a faintly burning wick. But also-he will never grow tired of bringing his justice to the world. This is y...

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Weekly Prayer August 6, 2018

call us to seek

Almighty, All-merciful Father- as we your children gather together in the name of your Son Jesus- we are reminded of Paul's words as he stood outdoors preaching to the people of Athens. So many in that city, just like ours, were worshipping an unknown God- they went through the motions but they didn't know who you were. You are the God who made the world, you are Lord of h...

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Weekly Prayer July 30, 2018

armies of heaven

Magnificent God, there was a day when John, your servant, saw the heavens open and behold, there was one seated on a white horse, his name is faithful and true, and he judges all the nations of the earth and makes war against all your foes, he has a flame of fire, a robed dipped in blood. He is the true word of God, Jesus himself our savior, your champion, the world's rede...

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Weekly Prayer July 23, 2018

lion and lamb

God you revealed your Son to us as a Lion and a lamb. In the prophecies of Isaiah we see him ruling the nations with a mighty scepter, all kings and rulers quiet before his majesty. But he also is a lamb who was lead to slaughter, despised and rejected, esteemed not, one from whom all turn away. And this Lion who is lamb is why we are here. He only is worthy to bring us ne...

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Weekly Prayer July 16, 2018

marvel at gift

Lord Jesus, following your ministry here on earth the scripture tell us you ascended into heaven and took your seat at the right hand of God Almighty. From there you poured out the Spirit whom you had promised upon your church and the world was never the same. You came to your people, nearer then we could ever imagine, God you have come to dwell with your church and inside...

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